Daily Topic for March 15, 2008

Luke 24:45, 46
"Then He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. He told them, 'This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day.'"

From Luke’s perspective, the fulfillment of the Scriptures is the major theme in history. Those who understand the Bible see the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ at the heart of God’s purposes in the human drama, to the end that people from all nations might repent and receive the forgiveness of sins. We can be assured that, as certainly as Jesus died and rose again, so will repentance and forgiveness of sins be preached to all nations. Being a conscious, conscientious disciple in Christ’s mission to all nations will put you in line with the central purpose of history. Do you want to be a part of it?


Ngansan People of Russia

As a bird would struggle and begin to die if forced beneath the water, or a fish would gasp and fight if flung into the air, the Ngansan people now find themselves out of their natural element. Only 1,300 Ngansans remain in the most northern part of Russia. Their life was formerly one of hunting reindeer and catching fish in the Arctic Ocean. Following the reindeer migrations, they lived in harmony with their surroundings.

Now a Russian government, insistent on a stable and permanently situated populace, has corralled them into villages. This once proud people, small in stature, stocky, with oriental eyes, dark hair and fair skin, are staying in one place, raising reindeer, and are unable to hunt because it is now illegal. Alcohol ravages the population. Illiteracy and Shamanism blight their lives. They find themselves unable to adapt, and now the lovely free-flying bird of their culture gasps and dies as young women look outside the villages for strong men to marry rather than their heavy-drinking compatriots.

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Pray that the Ngansans find the Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to heal and save. Pray that believers near their area will reach out with the gospel to these struggling, dying souls. Pray that the bondage of alcoholism would be broken as they find a new purpose in serving Christ.-PE

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