Daily Topic for March 14, 2008

Luke 20:16
"He will come...and give the vineyard to others."

Jesus was challenging the chief priests, scribes and elders with a parable illustrating their selfish appropriation of God’s blessings. The slaves sent by the owner of the vineyard represented Israel’s prophets, and the vine growers represented the religious leaders to whom Jesus was speaking. When they heard that the rightful owner would punish their rejection of both prophets and Messiah by giving the vineyard to others, they exclaimed, “May it never be!”

Father, forgive us for being selfish with Your blessings. Transform our hearts and make us faithful stewards of the blessings You have given.

Mansi People of Russia

The small Mansi tribe of Siberia is only one-third the size of the Khanti tribe that we prayed for yesterday. These two related peoples have Finno-Ugric languages, but these tongues have changed into six mutually-unintelligible dialects. There are six different homelands for these two related people groups. Their scattered homelands lie in a vast plain, divided by many rivers and lakes. For these reasons, outreach is very difficult. No Russian believers visit their areas.

The Mansis are a semi-nomadic people who specialize in fishing, providing as much as two-thirds of the Siberian fish for the Russian market. Whole families will leave the village in the spring to live in houseboats they have towed to various central locations. When they go further from the houseboat, they often live in wigwams of turf or bark. They only return to the settlements for the winter. Their environment has been spoiled by extensive oil field development. 

They are seen as nominal Orthodox Christian, but in practice they are Animistic. They practice ancestor worship and believe that every man has five souls, but women have four.

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Pray for workers willing to live the semi-nomadic lifestyle, to brave the cold and stay the course so that the Mansis come to find the joy of new life in Christ. Pray for outreaches in every Mansi community.-MH

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