Daily Topic for March 12, 2008

Luke 19:9
"Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham."

The gospels reveal that Jesus frequently acted contrary to the expectations of those around Him. Luke uses some of these incidents to show that Jesus’ mission was for all nations. Fellow Jews regarded Zacchaeus, a tax collector and “sinner,” as a traitor, an apostate who was defiled by his frequent dealings with the Roman oppressors. But Jesus visited Zacchaeus’ house. The people muttered, “He has gone to be the guest of a sinner.” Why? They didn’t understand that Jesus had come to seek and save the lost-even outcasts and “sinners.”

Lord, give us Your love for the lowest and least of earth’s people.

Nenet People of Russia

Imagine the scene: a vast, snow-covered plain… shepherds and dogs keeping watch over flocks of reindeer… children laughing as they ride in sleigh caravans. It sounds likes a Currier and Ives Christmas card.

To the Nenets of Siberia, however, it is a painful memory of how things used to be. The lives of this nomadic people group once revolved around the practice of reindeer breeding. Communism changed all of that, stealing away their independence with the establishment of collective farms. Though some Nenets still work with reindeer, many have been forced to seek employment as fishermen and hunters, and in meat processing plants. Children are educated in boarding schools that emphasize a Russian identity.

Also known as the “real people,” the Nenets are characterized by loneliness, poverty and a propensity to alcoholism. Once dominated by Shamanism, many now practice no religion whatsoever. They are a people without God and without hope. God has not forgotten the Nenets, nor has He written them off as a lost cause.

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Pray that He will share His heart with the “real people” by sending workers who will go to this harsh, isolated harvest field. Ask Him to break through the veil of darkness and despair that rests over the Nenets with the saving light of His gospel. Pray for God to give them dreams of a better life with Christ.-CL

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