Daily Topic for March 06, 2008

Luke 2:10
"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people."

The word “people” here does not refer to the nations or the Gentiles. But it does refer to all elements of Jewish society in the Holy Land of that day. The good news was not for just one segment of the nation of Israel. The Pharisees thought the Messiah would reveal Himself primarily to them and their peers. Others thought He would be coming principally for their benefit. But the announcement of Christ’s birth was not made at the local synagogue, but to some lowly shepherds in a field. Jesus would later live and minister among sinners, publicans, and prostitutes, groups who were neglected by the religious people of the day.

Lord Jesus, stir our hearts with the reminder that Your good news is for all people.

Buryat People

An old Buryat woman sat in her log cabin in Siberia, softly chanting to Buddha. Suddenly an old book fell off a shelf and the woman picked it up. She could barely read the title. It was a Buryat Bible written 160 years ago, in a form of her language that is now obsolete. Since Buryats live in Russia, China and Mongolia, their language has been influenced by other tongues. Her parents had told her the book was religious in nature. She tried to read it, but quickly gave up. The language was too outdated for her to understand.

In 1841 British missionaries completed a translation of the Bible into the Buryat language, but won few people to Jesus. The Buryats practice Buddhism mixed with a heavy dose of Shamanism. During the 1930s the Russians introduced communism and secularism to the Buryats, slightly eroding the influence of Buddhism among this formerly nomadic group.

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Ask God to break the hold that Buddhism and materialism have on the Buryats. Pray for a completion of the Bible translation into modern Buryat, a project that began during the 1990s. Pray that the Buryats who have put their faith in Christ will take Jesus to their Buddhist neighbors.-WK

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