Daily Topic for March 05, 2008

Luke 2:1
"In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world."

Little did Caesar know that in terms of redemptive history it was now “the fullness of time.” (Gal. 4:4) Within the next few short decades the world would be turned upside down by the impact of one little baby born at the time of this royal decree. At that time many people would have considered him just another baby boy whose potential contribution to the world was actually diminished because He was a Jew. But this was to be a “man for all peoples.” The impact of His birth would be felt in the halls of Caesar’s palace and eventually among every people within the Roman world.

Father, we praise You, our missionary God, whose plan encompasses all peoples within every empire and kingdom of this world.

Orak People

On Sakhalin Island in Russia’s far east, the Orak people wander from the coastline to the interior mountains with the seasons. During some seasons the Oraks are fishermen, and during others they are hunters. Years ago the Russian government divided the Oraks into five tribes, each with an assigned territory. That limitation on movement has, at times, made life hard during droughts or other calamities. 

Many Oraks grow up without knowing who they really are. Are they fishermen or hunters? About half of Sakhalin Island was controlled by Japan prior to 1945. Many older Oraks ask themselves whether they are Russians or Japanese. Even though the Oraks don’t know who they are, God loves them and wants to save their souls.

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Pray that the Orak people will put their identity in Christ, giving them a hope and joy they have never experienced. Ask God to send faithful workers to reach out to this people group. The Oraks have no written language. Pray that God would send Bible translators to develop a written script and translate the Bible into the Orak language. There is also an open door for radio and tape ministries among this people group. Pray that “Fishers of Men” may one day have a large catch among the Oraks of Sakhalin Island.-WK

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