Daily Topic for March 03, 2008

Luke 1:54, 55
"He has helped His servant Israel, remembering to be merciful to Abraham and his descendants forever, even as He said to our fathers"

Mary praised God for giving her this baby, whom she recognized as a fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham. Jesus, son of David and son of Abraham, is the fulfillment and the foundation of God’s heart desire to bestow blessing after blessing. Though God had seen Israel stray far from obeying Him, He once again in great mercy and compassion, was drawing the nation back to Himself because of His covenant with Abraham. And this was not only for Israel’s sake, but also for all nations that were to be blessed through Abraham. The people of God in every age are confronted with a choice: will we give or hoard what we’ve freely received?

Lord, use the blessings in our hands to bless other peoples!

Negidal People of Russia

(Continued from yesterday) Hunter returned to Shanghai in 1907 for the annual mission conference. There he wrote in his diary, “I was glad to meet many old friends, but too much of the conference was concerned with those parts of China which are largely evangelized….” No one else seemed willing to endure the loneliness and hardship necessary to take the gospel to the Kazakhs, the Kirgiz, and the other Muslim peoples in the dreary wastes of Central Asia. Saying good-bye to his friends, he set his face once more to the task God had given him.

Early in the summer of 1914, George Hunter waited at the portal of the Great Wall of China, just beyond the Gobi Desert. He was a bit anxious, as was Percy Mather, who was on his way to join Hunter in his work in Turkestan. Could the loner accept this newcomer, this one so young, so inexperienced? As it turned out, their relationship became something like that of father and son. Even so, they always addressed each other as “Mr. Hunter” and “Mr. Mather.”

In 1940, George Hunter was accused of being a British spy and imprisoned. The last five years of his life were made hideous by the persecutions of the secret police. In 1946, he died as he had lived, far from fellow missionaries but cared for by faithful Chinese friends.-AL

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will build up unity of purpose for missionaries working among the unreached.

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