Daily Topic for March 02, 2008

Luke 1:32, 33
"The Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David, and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever; His kingdom will never end."

Imagine being told by an angel what your baby will one day become! It happened to Mary. These words are fulfillment of Nathan’s prophecy to King David that his dynasty would rule forever and also a fulfillment of the promise given to Abraham that kings would come from his lineage. And this son of David was surely one through whom the everlasting covenant established with Abraham would bring blessing to all nations.

Our King, rule more fully over us that we might better declare Your praise to the nations who do not know Your Name.

Lezghin People of Russia

(Continued from yesterday) Consequently, when the time came for appointments, George was sent to one of the farthest, most lonely outposts of the China Inland Mission (CIM), the northwest province of Kansu. Later CIM leaders recognized that it had been “divinely controlled wisdom which made that appointment and opened to Hunter the road to the vast region of Turkestan.”

Though new and inexperienced as a missionary in the lonely, northwest province where he was assigned, Hunter learned daily more and more about Muslims. A number of years of effective ministry passed, but Hunter became increasingly restless. He constantly dreamed of crossing the ranges beyond. He wanted to work alone with a completely unreached people, and he knew where that place could be-across the Gobi Desert in Turkestan. Without telling anyone, he began to plan. He knew that the trip across the desert would be so difficult that, once in Turkestan, he would be left alone for many years.

Finally, in late 1905, he began to move. The journey took several months, but in March of 1906, he arrived in the capital of Chinese Turkestan-a town called Tihwa by the Chinese, and Urumtsi by the Turkish and Mongol populations. From there he traveled far and wide, taking the knowledge of Christ to people who knew nothing of Him. In one 75-day period, he traveled 1,000 miles on horseback!-AL

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Pray that zeal for Christ will fill the hearts of missionaries working in difficult fields.

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