Daily Topic for March 01, 2008

Luke 1:4
"So that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught."

Many accounts of the life of Jesus Christ have been written. In February we examined two of those accounts, written by Matthew and Mark. This month we’ll look at Luke and John’s gospels. These four gospels give ample and authoritative evidence about Jesus’ life and ministry, and they are sufficient to remind us of our calling in this world. What Jesus has begun is to be continued through His Church, and that is, namely, to “make disciples of all nations.”

Father, we want to shun insignificant or selfish pursuits. May our work count for Your glory and for the blessing of the nations.

Muslim Balkar People of Russia

Often called the “Scotsman of the Gobi,” the “Apostle of Turkestan,” and the “Lonely Warrior,” this strange, unbelievably strong yet humble man never spoke of what he had accomplished, even to his closest friends.

George Hunter was born in Scotland. There his life was lonely, especially after his mother died when he was still small. As a young man he decided to be a missionary, and he was accepted by China Inland Mission at age 28 in 1889. 

At the Mission Language School in China, George was shocked when, before two years were out, his fellow missionary students married and began families. “With wives and families, how can they go from here to preach, suffer, and maybe die for Christ in some distant, unevangelized part of China?” Hunter asked himself. “They are already side-tracked!” 

Furthermore, he thoroughly disliked the traditional mission station, which he felt was transplanted from England and placed incessant demands on both time and energy. If Hunter happened to be conversing with an interested Muslim in the bazaar, he did not want to return to the mission home at 7:00 to eat supper and listen to chit-chat. And he resented the prominent place that home and family demanded in the usual missionary’s life. God had called this man to a very special and difficult task.-AL

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Pray for God to call many who will be willing to give up everything to go into the most difficult mission fields.

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