Daily Topic for February 27, 2008

Mk. 13:10
"And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations"

Christians expect Christ, in response to His promise, to return to earth at any time. Yet our verse for today reminds us of the importance God places on obedience to first take the gospel to all people groups. There is a church community in practically every politically-defined country of the world. Praise God! Among these countries, however, are approximately 22,000 nations (people groups) of which about 10,000 still do not have a viable, indigenous, evangelizing church movement! These are the world’s unreached peoples.

Father, we look to You to lead us as we take the gospel to these still unreached nations.

Soninke People

Looking at the poor farmers working their fields in Ghana, one would never guess that the ancestors of these Soninke people once ruled a powerful empire along the banks of the Niger River. Gold flowed like water from the mines of the Ghana Empire. This people group also once traded in salt, copper and slaves. Then in the 13th century Berber invaders from Morocco drove the Soninkes from their homeland along the Niger River scattering this people group across West Africa and pillaging them as they had once pillaged others. Greed had come full circle.

This people group has for centuries looked to the north for inspiration. Centuries ago they adopted Islam, brought to them by Berber traders from North Africa. Despite their conversion to Islam, this people group still practices Animism, the worship of nature spirits. The first Christian missionary translators began working among the Soninke in the 1980s and only a few books of the Bible have been translated into their language.

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Pray that Soninkes would soon have a complete Bible. May God raise up the right people to complete this translation work. Pray that the Soninke people would repent, and turn to the forgiving Christ. Pray for key tribal leaders to lead their people to the cross.-WK

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