Daily Topic for February 23, 2008

Matt. 28:19, 20
"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations"

Jesus’ words, spoken to His disciples following His resurrection, are the claims and commands of One who had proved His authority on earth-He had healed the sick, forgiven men’s sins, and conquered death itself. Who else could He be than Lord over all mankind? Since He is the Lord, is there any other reasonable response than to become His faithful disciples? And if we do respond in faith, we must then call others to become His disciples as well.

Master, we recognize and submit to Your loving rule. Honor Your Name as we obey Your command to make disciples of each of the world’s unreached peoples.

Muslim White Moors

“They eat and eat and drink and drink, and when they can’t eat any more we pinch them and sometimes they vomit. When they vomit on purpose, we make them eat the vomit to teach them not to do it again.” This was spoken by Braika, a female leader of the White Moors of Mauritania, according to an April, 2007 article in the “BBC News.” She went on to explain that once girls are nicely fattened up, they have better chances of finding husbands. She even claims that the girls are grateful. Because of this cultural practice, obesity is at epidemic levels among White Moor women, and it is killing them. According to a survey conducted by the National office of Statistics in 2001, one in ten women under age 19 has been force fed, while a full third of those women 40 or older were also force fed. In more recent times there has begun to be a decline in this cultural pattern. 

Along with the tradition of enforced female obesity, there has also been the influence of centuries of folk Islam. Almost none of the White Moors know that Jesus holds the answer to all their spiritual needs.

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Pray for the Lord to break spiritual as well as physical, bondages. Pray that the gospel will make inroads among the White Moors.-JR

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