Daily Topic for February 17, 2008

Matt. 4:15
"Galilee of the Gentiles-the people living in darkness have seen a great light"

How disturbing to these Jews that a man from Nazareth with Galilean disciples would present Himself as the Messiah! Wasn’t the Messiah to come from Jerusalem? This egotism and self-centeredness had been the shame of God’s people throughout Old Testament history. It destroyed their testimony and witness among the surrounding nations. But Jesus’ coming forcefully challenged the Jews’ ethnocentric attitudes and expectations.

Lord, in trembling we ask You to transform the parts of our lives that limit Your work in us. Transform us so there are no barriers in our hearts to Your purposes for the nations.

Fulakunda People of Senegal

Slaves. That’s what the Fulakundas are called by their fellow Fulbes, also known as the Fulanis. Their name actually means “poor Fulbes,” indicating that they were once indentured servants, and had a similar status to slaves. In order to break free from the stigma of slavery, some Fulakundas are seeking to educate themselves, but this is no simple task since most are illiterate.

The Fulakundas migrated south from Guinea-Bissau in the 15th century, mixing with the Mandingo people as they settled in Senegal. Women spend their days milking the livestock, churning butter, and preparing meals while the men tend the cattle. Because of their work-intensive lifestyle, many of the children do not attend school.

The Fulakundas are Muslim and adhere to strict religious principles. Villages are the center of social interaction, and are governed by rigid rules and obligations. Like all human beings, they hunger for love, companionship and acceptance. The wilderness beyond these settlements represents freedom to them.

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Pray that God will draw the Fulakundas to His Son, the only source of true freedom. Ask Him to change their name from “slaves of men” to “servants of God” as they find acceptance in Jesus Christ. Pray for the Fulakundas to escape from the bondage to Islam and run toward the welcoming arms of the Father’s love.—CL

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