Daily Topic for February 15, 2008

Mal. 1:11
"My Name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun"

The heart of God for all the nations is very evident here in this last book of the Old Testament. God wanted His people to shine forth among the nations so all could see His salvation. So it is today. God wants His people to shine forth among the nations so that all the world’s unreached peoples may know His salvation. How will the nations hear of the “sun of righteousness with healing in its wings” (4:2) unless those who fear His Name gladly go to them with the message?

Father, what a privilege it is to be entrusted to carry Your good news to the nations! Let our response to that challenge bring honor to Your Name “from the rising of the sun, even to its setting.”

Muslim Wolof People of Senegal and Gambia

The boys are terrified of the whip. Some of these Wolof children are only five years old. By day they work the streets in their rags and bare feet. By night they sleep packed tightly together on the ground without mattresses. They are sent to the cities by their parents to learn the Koran, but more time is spent begging for money to bring back to their greedy religious teachers. There are over 100,000 child beggars in the Muslim country of Senegal.

“Operation World” describes the Wolof-dominated Islamic Sufi brotherhoods of Senegal as “wealthy.” It also says that Senegal has a “global economic empire” based on trade. It is peculiar to have children begging in this rich African country. 

The Wolof are a large ethnic group with a population of over four million. Most live in Senegal and Gambia, and around 15,000 live in New York. They have Christian resources available to them, and Senegal has a higher degree of religious freedom than most Muslim countries.

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Pray that laborers who are sensitive to the Wolof culture would go and work among the Wolof. Pray that Wolof people living in the United States would come to know Christ and return to their people as His ambassadors.-JKW

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