Daily Topic for February 11, 2008

Hab. 2:14
"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea"

Habakkuk eventually understood that God wanted all the peoples, all the nations, to see and understand His authority. God parted the sea, not because He was angry, but because He wanted those who didn’t know Him to see His salvation and turn to Him. His chastisement of Israel was partially intended to show the nations the awesome power with which He would later come to redeem her. No matter what the situation in the world may be today, our future is glorious! Our responsibility in this great drama of life is to willingly bear witness of His glory to every nation!

Lord, how we long for the day when Your glory will fill the earth!

Muslim Kanembu People of Chad

“No Mahamat, you will not go to the French school! You will continue to study the Koran in Arabic at our Islamic school. The French schools will teach you sinful things.” The Kanembu father was not about to change his mind!

About 655,000 Kanembu speaking people live in the desert region of northwestern Chad. Arabic is their second language. The majority of Kanembus are farmers, but some of them live by mining and raising cattle. The Islamic faith has been passed down among the Kanembus from generation to generation. Parents forbid education in French secular schools, even if it means no education at all. They only allow their children to study Arabic, since it was the language of Mohammed. 

Almost all Kanembu people are Muslims, and they are very resistant to Christians. There is currently no Bible or portions of the Bible translated in their language because they have no written language.

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Pray that there will be some Kanembu people who will hear and know God’s Word in Arabic, and tell their people about Jesus. Pray that the resistance of these people will be broken so many will receive lives filled with the riches that only come from knowing Christ.-PD

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