Daily Topic for February 09, 2008

Nah. 1:5
"The mountains quake before Him.... The earth trembles at His presence, the world and all who live in it"

In Jonah we read of God’s grace toward Nineveh. In Nahum we read of Nineveh’s final destruction. Surrounding nations had suffered from her cruelty, but God remembered them (1:2) and came in fury to bring about Nineveh’s downfall. Nahum reminds us that God deals with all peoples in complete justice. To those who turn to Him, He is compassionate (1:7), but to those who defy Him He brings punishment (1:9).

Holy God, we worship You. Use our testimony to call the rulers of our day to humble submission to Your Word.

Muslim Hausa People

“A few years from now you will see the land completely changed.” Mahadi, a Hausa farmer, was talking with his Tamacheq friend in Niger. “Working together we will build water traps that will provide the necessary water for our crops and animals. We can now have enough water for all of us. Thank Allah we can now be friends and our people will not suffer and die because of the drought!” 

The powerful Hausa people control much of the area of Niger and northern Nigeria. Most people in this region are farmers or herdsmen. The Hausas and the less powerful Tamacheqs have often fought over water resources that both groups desire. Settling their differences has improved their ability to conserve and use their water wisely.

Islam reached the Hausa people in the 14th century. However, most Hausas in rural areas retained their Animistic worship. In the 19th century, Muslim scholars started a reform movement to draw all Hausa people to become serious followers of Islam. Today most Hausas are Muslims. Only a small number are followers of Christ. These believers are faced with prejudice and intense persecution that has recently increased.

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Pray that the improved water projects will lead the Hausa and other people groups to give thanks and reverence to the Almighty Creator and Provider. Pray that Hausa believers will experience God’s protection and abundant provisions from the Lord so Hausa Muslims will be drawn to Jesus.-PD

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