Daily Topic for February 07, 2008

Jonah 4:11
"But Nineveh has more than 120,000 people who cannot tell their right hand from their left.... Should I not be concerned about that great city?"

Jonah was a reluctant missionary, loathe to go to Nineveh and even less willing to reveal God’s compassion for a city deep in ignorance and spiritual darkness. His success as the court prophet, national prejudice, and preoccupation with personal comfort combined to choke out any love for a people unlike his own. Jonah had more concern for a vine than he did for lost people. But is there not a little bit of Jonah in each of us? Don’t the successes of home ministry, racial prejudice and comforts and conveniences beckon for our attention?

Father, cause us to think and act in ways that reveal Your compassion for the world’s great cities, home to millions of individuals in thousands of unreached people groups.

Tamacheq People of Niger

In the arid moonscape of northern Niger, a band of Tamacheq warriors leads yet another rebellion against the government. What could be causing so much fighting? Using camel caravans, nomadic Tamacheqs have always made a good living trading salt.

But now, something troubling lies beneath the desert sand, according to an October 11, 2007 article in the “Christian Science Monitor.” In 2006, Niger mined a staggering 3500 tons of nuclear grade uranium, which is now worth about $135 per pound! Dreams of vast wealth are producing a nightmare of greed among those in the government and among the Tamacheqs. The Tamacheq have angrily charged the government of Niger with seizing uranium-rich lands without permission and without compensation for the lands that they take. This sparked a recent rebellion in which 45 soldiers were killed and dozens more were kidnapped. In a stern response, Nigeren President Mamadou Tandja deployed 4,000 troops to the north and declared what amounts to martial law.

Some believe that China is giving military assistance to the government of Niger. Others say that Libya is aiding the rebels. The communist world, the Islamic world, thousands of tons of nuclear-grade uranium, and billions of dollars are all coming together in an ominous storm of greed. In all this, the Tamacheqs are an unreached people who know very little about Jesus, who can provide real peace.

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Pray for all five Tamacheq subgroups in Niger to embrace the Prince of Peace.-CH

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