Daily Topic for February 01, 2008

Hosea 1:9
"Then the Lord said, 'Name him Lo-Ammi, for you are not My people, and I am not your God'"

Instead of being a light to the nations as God intended, Israel had become a scandalous spectacle. So God told Hosea to marry a prostitute as testimony to Israel’s faithlessness. Hosea’s children were named “Not My People” and “I am not your God” to reflect God’s attitude towards the nation. Even so, Hosea would later look with eyes of faith at the Lord’s future for Israel, when she would again be as strong and faithful as a beacon light for all the nations.

Father, forgive us too for our faithlessness in obeying Your commands. Help us to be a light to unreached people in our country as well as abroad.

East Limba People of Sierra Leone

William Augustine Bernard Johnson’s wife was sick and half-starved, and neither of them had the warm clothing they needed for the harsh German winter. He recalled a Bible verse he had been taught as a child: “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” He thought, “Surely this is a day of trouble. But will He deliver me when I have sinned so terribly against Him?” 

The next day he returned home from work to find a hearty meal! A neighbor paid his wife for a service rendered some time before, and she had bought food. The hungry man was amazed at God’s goodness, which he felt was a direct answer to his cry the night before.

That Friday night he attended a prayer meeting where a Moravian missionary gave a message telling of Jesus and His love for sinners. William felt the message was for him, and as he prayed and believed his sins were forgiven.

As soon as William Johnson found peace with God, he wanted to tell others how to be saved. He started with his wife, but she didn’t put her faith in Christ until years later. Likewise, he witnessed to his fellow workers, and they either laughed at him or were indifferent. Instead of becoming discouraged, Johnson nurtured God’s call to mission work.

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Pray for God to encourage today’s missionary candidates as they face numerous obstacles.-AL (Continued tomorrow)

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