Daily Topic for January 28, 2008

Dan. 6:10
"Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed...just as he had done before."

How would we respond to an edict that forbade us to pray to anyone but the king? Would we be a “Daniel,” who no matter what the circumstances, or law of the land, we would remain steadfast and faithful to the Lord? Daniel was right in his decision to continue to pray to his God. Although we are normally obligated to obey the law of the land, we are to obey God alone when the civil law conflicts with God’s law. Missionaries and national Christian workers today often find themselves in difficult situations where the law of the land appears to conflict with the demands of Scripture.

Father give Your messengers wisdom to discern when the conflict is real and unavoidable. Grant them boldness to act with courage and conviction.

Buran People

Under the leadership of Queen Amna of the Buran tribe in Sudan, members of the neighboring Uduk tribe were captured from 1890 to 1906 and sold as slaves, nearly exterminating them in the process. The British executed this queen in 1906, but today slavery continues in Sudan, though it primarily involves other people groups.

The complex conflicts in Sudan arose most heatedly during the 1980s because of the struggle for political power between Africans in southern Sudan and Muslim Arabs in the north, as well as competition for land and water, racial hatred, and religious prejudice. The armed conflicts often rage and flare into atrocities. It seems that nothing is ever settled.

Traditionally, the Buran people have been farmers and herdsmen. They live in villages on hillsides, with each community having its own headman and its own tribal government. Constant fighting disrupts families and the economy. Civil order has dissolved into “each man for himself.”

Most Buran people adhere to Islamic beliefs, often mixed with traditional Animism. No Christian materials exist in their language. There is no JESUS Film and no Christian witness among them.

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Pray for Christian workers to be thrust out with a burning desire to reach the Buran people for Christ. Pray for God to reveal Himself to them in such a way that they will know that He is the Holy One, and that they must turn to Him or perish.-JWS

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