Daily Topic for January 17, 2008

Dan. 1:1
"In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it."

Dr. Ralph Winter has observed that throughout history when the people of God have failed to share the gospel with the peoples around them, He has often brought the peoples to the gospel-sometimes even with great force. Israel’s idolatry and selfish failure to take the good news to their neighbors led to the siege of Jerusalem. Today’s church has failed to take the gospel to all the peoples of the world, and so God has brought the peoples to the church’s shores, most often not as military conquerors but as refugees, students, and businessmen. Are we willing to share with them our spiritual and material abundance?

Father, help us to respond to wonderful opportunities for ministry to “newcomers” in our own communities.

Amri People

Is it worth the cost? Those who will gain from the Merowe Dam Project say, “yes.” Those who will lose their homes and lands say, “no.”

The Merowe Dam will double Sudan’s power-generating volume. It will also preserve Egypt’s Lake Nasser by preventing the sediment caught in the Sudanese reservoir to spill into the lake. On the opposite side, it will flood huge archeological sites and displace more than 70,000 farmers. Feelings are intense on both sides of the issue.

Though the United Nations (UN) urges Sudan to respect human rights, the chief dam official is quoted as saying his policy for resettlement is “to flood these communities in their houses like rats.” There have been numerous reports of shootings and other civil rights violations.

One of the areas affected by the dam is Amri, the homeland of the Arabic speaking Amri people. A resident of that area said, “I just can’t imagine that the land my grandfather bought and the house where I was born 38 years ago will sit at the bottom of a lake. If we had arms, I would fight the government.”

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that this discord will end by people uniting in Christ. Ask God to show the peoples of Sudan that there is no security outside of God’s will. Pray that the Amri people faced with this dilemma will look to the true and living God for help.-AK

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