Daily Topic for January 16, 2008

Jer. 45:4, 5
"...'I will overthrow what I have built and uproot what I have planted... Should you then seek great things for yourself? Seek them not.'"

God’s Word, when delegated to His people, powerfully influences the rise and fall of nations and kingdoms of the earth. God intends to “overthrow” and “uproot” as well as to “build” and “plant.” Therefore, He admonishes us, as He did Jeremiah’s scribe Baruch, to abandon a selfish ambition which is not only futile but is also irrelevant. It is nothing less than tragic when we chase personal aspirations to the ignorance or neglect of the clearly-revealed purposes of God. In light of what God is doing and wants to do among the nations, can we possibly justify seeking great things for ourselves? “Seek them not.”

Father, we yield to You our aspirations, our ambitions, and our dreams. Do with them as You will.

Muslim Hawawir People of Sudan

Moving from place to place is a hardship in the United States, but the Hawawir people of northern Sudan look forward to it! They look forward to seeing relatives and friends, learning about new places and ideas, and sharing stories about these new places. Imagine a trip by camel for three or four days just to reach Khartoum! Now, because the Sudanese government has provided buses and roads, that same trip takes only three or four hours.

The Hawawirs are a complex people, whose nomadic ways take them through a large area that many in the Sudanese government feel could be better used for agriculture. Sudanese officials have encouraged the Hawawirs to settle down by offering running water, electricity, land to farm, and access to schools. Older Hawawir men and women are more receptive to this settled way of life, and are willing to give local schools a chance, but younger men value their ability to move around and enlarge their herds. They believe that education is best accomplished by traveling.

This tension between nomads and agrarian peoples is as old as the story of Joseph in Genesis 43:32. Apparently there was a bit of tension between the nomadic Hebrews and the agrarian Egyptians. These conflicts are still with us today, especially in Sudan.

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Pray that God will send workers who are willing to live a nomadic life among the Hawawir and who will introduce them to Jesus, the good shepherd.-CH

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