Daily Topic for January 14, 2008

Is. 58:10
"If you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday."

There is significant overlap between the 10,000 “unreached people groups” without a church in their midst and the “hungry half” of the world without adequate physical and material resources. Isaiah reminds us that the people of God are called not only to spend their money to feed the hungry, but also to spend themselves, to pour out their lives in sacrificial service. That service cannot be a mere token. It must “satisfy the needs” of the oppressed. Isaiah also points out that those who serve receive the fruits of service: healing, answered prayer, guidance, personal provision, and joy.

Gracious Father, teach us to “spend ourselves” on behalf of those who are desperately hungry both for bread and the Bread of Life.

Sunni Muslim Lahawin Arabs of Sudan

Mohammed rolled up his prayer mat for one last time. He sighed, wiped sweat from his brow, and continued his efforts to gather his belongings before moving his clan away from the land they could no longer inhabit.

Mohammed is part of the Lahawin people, an Arabic-speaking group numbering about 100,000. The World Christian Encyclopedia listed them as one of the highest priority nomadic or semi-nomadic unreached people groups to be reached for Christ because they have had so little witness.

It was 20 years ago that they were driven off their land to make way for farmers. This drove them to become impoverished rural wage-laborers. The ongoing drought has exacerbated the situation.

Typically, nomadic peoples like the Lahawins are marginalized by national governments. They don’t pay taxes, and they don’t participate in government. For this reason, their needs are given lowest priority. Unfortunately, nomads are also given the lowest priority by mission efforts, because they require missionaries to live and travel with them.

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Pray for justice for the Lahawin Arabs. Pray that they will soon find their spiritual needs met by none other than Isa (Arabic for Jesus), the One who is more than a prophet. Pray for the Lord to thrust forth hundreds of missionaries to Sudan’s nomadic peoples.-KC

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