Daily Topic for January 09, 2008

Song 2:4, 5
"He has taken me to the banquet hall, and His banner over me is love. Strengthen me with raisins, refresh me with apples."

Oh, how great a love our Savior has bestowed upon us! His is greater than the love between a man and his wife. As a woman enjoys the loving protection of her husband, so all who know Jesus are under the protection of His love. His banner over us is love. But what about those who don’t know Him-those who have not heard? Yes, He loves them, too. Have they no right to hear, that they may be strengthened and refreshed by His love?

Loving Lord Jesus, refresh our sense of responsibility to share Your love with all the peoples of the earth.

Folk Islamic Daju People

The Daju boys were busy cleaning the village, sweeping the soil around the round mud-brick huts. Boys are special in the Daju patriarchal society, and they are given many responsibilities even as young children.

Five Daju groups make up some of the oldest communities in western Sudan and eastern Chad in the infamous Darfur region. Theirs is an ancient civilization that was conquered and became Islamic during the 15th century. Many of their Animistic beliefs have been retained and mixed with Islamic beliefs. One of their greatest needs is for prayer warriors to break up the hard soil that binds their spirits in bondage to gods that are not gods at all.

The Dajus traditionally have been farmers, but along with other groups, their lives have been severely disrupted since the armed conflict began in July of 2003. The Dajus are objects of genocide, and ethnic cleansing, and exact statistics are hard to pin down. This wave of violence that began as an uprising against Sudan’s Arab ruler has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands and the displacement of even more.

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Pray that the tragic holocaust these people are experiencing will provide an opportunity for them to hear the gospel. Pray for aid workers and Christians to be effective in ministering to them both physically and spiritually. Pray that the powers of hell that are working against the Daju people will be defeated.-JS

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