Daily Topic for January 08, 2008

Song 1:1-2
"Solomon's Song of Songs. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-for your love is more delightful than wine."

Commentators have long sought to fully understand and interpret the meaning of this beautiful love story. Although the story is primarily a celebration of the exquisite love between a man and a woman, it also illustrates the eternal love of the Savior for His lovely bride. Do we love the Lord Jesus Christ, our heavenly bridegroom, with the passion and purity of the love a bride that has for her husband? Do we truly regard His love as the most precious of all forms of pleasure and satisfaction? Do we honor His longing for a bride who is both beautiful and complete?

Lord Jesus, fill our hearts with love in response to Your great love for us. Give us the vision You have for a bride from every people, tribe, tongue, and nation.

Muslim Massalit People of Darfur

Soura spread her few peanuts, okra, and a kilo of millet on a cloth, hoping someone would buy or trade for them. She glanced at her husband sitting under a tree in the “masik,” a shaded clearing for the men to socialize and decide village matters. Soura nudged her husband’s second wife, “Don’t you wish we could sit in the shade like that?” They surprised each other with laughter, as humor is rare in the villages of the 185,000 Massalit people of Darfur.

Still reeling from the catastrophic war between the Arab tribes and the non-Arab Massalits in 1996-1998, they are now engulfed in an even more violent war pitting nomads and farmer-herdsmen against each other.

Completely Muslim since the 16th century, only now are the Massalit people seeing a small glimmer of the hope that is in Jesus through the believers who come as aid workers to the refugee centers. While there are no Massalits in Sudan who have put their trust in Jesus, a small number in nearby Chad have found Jesus as their Savior.

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Pray that the few believing Massalits in Chad will boldly share their new hope with the Massalits of Darfur.-PE

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