Daily Topic for January 04, 2008

Prov. 29:18
"Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law."

Murder. Robbery. Homosexuality. Assassinations. Child abuse. Drug abuse. This litany of horrors sounds like the front pages of our world’s newspapers, doesn’t it? The Bible gives the explanation: Where there is no revelation of God’s law, people cast off the restraints that govern social behavior. Where God’s Word and Christ’s Church are not resident, the uninhibited forces of sin and selfishness ravage peoples and societies. But where messengers of good news have come to proclaim and demonstrate the way of love, and where men and women have congregated in believing fellowships, salt and light combat the decay and darkness.

Lord Jesus, we hear and obey Your command to take the revelation of Your holiness and grace to the 10,000 unreached peoples.

-Turum People

Bullets screamed through the night air while airplanes and helicopters zoomed through the black sky. The Turum girl jumped up from her mat on the dirt floor. Her family joined her in racing out of their hut. Dodging bullets, the family joined others of the tribe, all running for the nearby bushes to escape the atrocities of the Sudanese military.

This attack along with others came only days after a supposed peace accord had been signed between the Turum tribe and the hostile Rzigat Aballa tribe. The Turums represent a relatively small group-about 5,000. They easily fall prey to more numerous people groups with stronger ties to the Sudanese government.

Throughout this month you will see that scarce water and arable land motivate attacks between rival peoples. But the national government seems to undermine local and regional steps towards resolution.

Meanwhile one source indicates that over a million people have turned to Christ in Sudan in recent years. Repulsed by the brutalities they see by the government and rebel groups, many reject that path to embrace God’s forgiveness through Christ.

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Pray that Christian relief organizations will show unconditional love among the Turum people and their enemies. Pray that Christians will join efforts to end ethnic cleansing and to bring about reconciliation in Christ.-EF

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