Daily Topic for December 29, 2007

Ps. 126:6
"He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him"

Whatever our ministry in the harvest field, there will be tears: tears of frustration or of grief. Barriers in cross-cultural seed-planting are particularly hard to break down. Barriers often include a new language, age-old traditions, spiritual blindness, and demonic opposition, as well as illiteracy and poverty. But the blindest eyes can recognize the sower’s compassion, his helping hands, his thoughtful understanding. God’s Word can shatter rocks and hardened clods of earth, enabling the seed to take root and begin to grow. The caring, the helping-and the weeping-often continue for many long years. First the sowing and the nurture, then the harvest and the joy! Then, the singing!

Pray faithfully for God’s laborers in hard fields.

Black Maures of Mauritania

He didn’t wear chains, but he was still a slave. The dark skinned Maure man served tea to his light skinned master in a mansion in Nouakchott, Mauritania. The servant knew he was one of the lucky ones. At least he wasn’t outside in the hot sun herding goats. The servant knew he was in physical slavery, but didn’t realize he was also in spiritual slavery. Being a Muslim, he had never heard that Jesus had died to set him free from his sins. 

Slavery is still a problem in Mauritania even though it was outlawed in 1981. It simply went underground. Although Mauritania is an open country, the Black Maures are hard to reach because their masters keep them isolated, fearing escape attempts. There are no known believers among the Black Maures and no mission agency is currently trying to reach them with the message of salvation.

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Pray for the end of the corruption that allows slavery to continue existing in Mauritania. Ask God to raise up faithful workers to reach out to this people group. Only then will the Black Maures be physically and spiritually free. Ask the Lord to make the Bible available in their language, both in print form and through radio broadcasts.-WK

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