Daily Topic for December 25, 2007

Jn. 1:14
"The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us"

As we recall Jesus’ birth this Christmas Day, we see Almighty God crossing the greatest barriers which separated Him from man. And in God’s initiative to live among us we see the missionary dynamic necessary to reach unreached people groups. Jesus - the missionary Word of God - “became flesh” so that 33 years later He might die and decisively deal with the barrier of sin. The same Word which had created man became man, took on human flesh, and “lived for a while among us.” It is now our task to cross other barriers (culture, language, religion) to the unreached peoples and proclaim the “Word” in person!

Father, as You sent Your Son, now send us.

Ghamid People in Saudi Arabia

Ghamid is one of the largest tribes in southwest Saudi Arabia. They inhabit three areas spread over 36,000 square kilometers. The “tohms” live in the narrow plain of Tehama along the Red Sea coast, the “sarat” live in the mountains in the central highlands, and the nomadic Bedouins live throughout the desert to the east. The government doesn’t allocate much money for development in this region, so many Ghamids have migrated to Saudi Arabia’s three main cities (Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam) in search of better opportunities for education and employment. The people of Saudi Arabia admire the Ghamid peoples and consider them to be hard workers. Many Ghamid people are employed by the Saudi national oil company, Aramco, in positions as high as vice president.

Almost all Ghamid people are Sunni Muslims. To them, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of a prophet, not of the Savior of the world. But even if the literate Ghamid people in the cities wished to read the Bible, it would be impossible. No translations of the Bible exist in their language. The Saudi government takes great pains to keep the Bible out of their country.

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Pray for Bible translators to complete a New Testament in the language of the Ghamid people. Pray for the Ghamids to be able to read the Bible and believe in Jesus, born in Bethlehem to save the world. Pray that those who do become believers will carry the gospel back to their extended families in the mountains, desert or coastal regions.-JWS

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