Daily Topic for December 23, 2007

Luke 2:32
"For my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared in the sight of all people, a light for revelation to the Gentiles"

As wise old Simeon took the little baby Jesus in his arms, he prophetically saw the impact this little life would have upon the world. Not only was He the glory of the people of Israel, but also the light for Gentile peoples. While the focus of Jesus’ earthly ministry was to be on the Jews of Palestine, the Bible records how often Jesus also ministered to non-Jews. The Spirit He would send at Pentecost would be the power for His Church’s rapid expansion into the Gentile world.

Father, reveal the Light of Life to the unreached peoples. Shine brightly in our lives, and send many from among us to them as a witness of that Light.

Zahran Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula

The sweltering heat had already soared beyond 120 degrees and this average summer day wasn’t spent yet. It is nothing unusual for a Zahran individual or family to live in such conditions, with the Arabian Peninsula’s world-famous desert climate. Since the 1960s and 1970s, much of the Zahran population has migrated permanently to the cities, though, primarily because of the vast oil industry and its extensive job opportunities. Their lives are very different from that of their ancestors, believed to be some of the earliest inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula.

The Zahran tribe has had a longstanding reputation for courage and generosity among Arabs. For centuries, they have been herders of goats in the southern region of Saudi Arabia. There are no known Zahrans who follow Jesus.

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Pray that the Lord would touch the lives of those Zahrans who might be living outside their homeland. Pray that servants of the Lord would use courage in befriending Zahrans, and that the Zahrans will courageously call upon the Lord.-JR

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