Daily Topic for December 20, 2007

Is. 40:5
"And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together"

When we listen to great music like Handel’s Messiah, we get a foretaste of inspiration we will experience when Christ returns and “all flesh shall see it together.” Every tribe, tongue, nation, and people will be represented on that day. But preceding this powerful revelation to “all flesh” is the Christmas event. Humility comes before honor. So often in our endeavors we are looking for glory without paying the price of humility. But God in Jesus Christ set the standard.

Lord Jesus, we worship You as the One Who humbled Yourself that the peoples might have life. Be exalted, O Lord, among the nations, as we bear witness to Your grace.

Murrah Bedouins of Saudi Arabia

Amir sat in the sand and looked first one direction at his grandfather, dressed in traditional white flowing robes, tending the many camels from which his people have derived their living. Then he glanced in the other direction where his father hoisted himself into his pickup truck to drive to the depot where he would steer a 25-ton truck for the local oil company. Amir’s mother waved goodbye, standing in the doorway to the tent, which sported a glossy satellite dish.

Amir sits between the history and the future of his 15,000 people. In 10 years their lives have changed more than over the thousands of years they have been roaming the deserts of Arabia. As Murrah nomads Amir’s family lives in what is called the “Empty Quarter,” the largest pile of sand in the world.

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Pray that as TV and radio and contact with the world come into their lives, that these people, precious in the eyes of the Lord, will hear of the Christ who loves them and died to save them. Pray that thousands of years of their spiritual “empty quarter” will be transformed into the blooming desert of abundant life through Christ and many will be saved.-PE

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