Daily Topic for December 19, 2007

Is. 11:10
"In that day the root of Jesse shall stand as an ensign (banner, sign) to the peoples; Him shall the nations seek"

More than any other prophet, Isaiah was one who built Israel’s expectation of their coming Savior. The name “root of Jesse” clearly indicates the Savior’s ancestry in the royal family of Israel. Because of Isaiah’s testimony here and elsewhere, the Jews of that day should have understood how important the Messiah would become to peoples all over the world! This “root of Jesse,” this Son of David would not merely execute judgment on the nations, but also bring the way of love and salvation. He was to be not only Israel’s King, but also the world’s Savior.

Risen Savior, we praise You as the Banner of the unreached peoples!

-Utaiba Bedouins of Saudi Arabia

“—-Your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” (1 Peter 5:8, NKJ) 

In the past the tribesmen of the village of Utaiba were known for their courage, endurance and remarkable feats of daring with their camels. It is said that one Utaiba rode nearly 800 miles in eight days to accomplish his urgent mission.

Today, sadly, their courage and endurance is displayed to the world encased in the savagery of terrorism. Many are militant Wahhabi combatants for al-Qaeda. Only the blood and destruction and oppression of those who believe differently seems to satisfy their desire to please their god. It is not our loving Heavenly Father who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. They are tragically misled by their leaders and the father of lies.

Christ commands His followers to “love one another.”

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Pray that the Utaibe tribesmen, who are completely without a witness or Scriptures, may have the veil sovereignly removed from their eyes. Pray that they will see that they are following the roaring lion instead of the One Almighty Lord and God who loves them and desires to see them saved and transformed. Pray that their destructive efforts will fall harmlessly to the ground and that the Word of the Lord will find fertile ground unto salvation in the hearts of the deceived Utaiba people.-PE

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