Daily Topic for December 15, 2007

Ps. 65:2, 5, 8
"O You who hear prayer, to You all men will come...the hope of all the ends of the earth.... Those living far away fear Your wonders"

If these words were not in the Scriptures, we would scarcely believe them. Do the peoples “in the ends of the earth” hope there is a true and living God? Do they wonder who He is and where He is? Some missionaries have found people groups with hearts ready to accept Christ when they first hear the gospel. These missionaries have been amazed to discover that, even in the darkness of bondage to Satan, some people groups have so longed to know God the Creator that for many generations they have cried out to Him, pleading for a messenger to enlighten them.

Precious Lord, use us to reveal to the nations that You alone are their hope and aspiration.

Yamaneyatain People

The Yamaneyatain people are famous for their hospitality, going to great lengths to ensure that every guest resides in complete comfort. They provide visitors with their favorite foods and see them off with gifts that include ceremonial swords, traditional robes, and incense.

While the Yamaneyatains of Yemen may sound like the perfect hosts, it should be understood that their “guests” are kidnap victims! Holding people hostage is a common means for Bedouin peoples to negotiate with the Yemeni government. The Yamaneyatains, who reside in the land once ruled by the Queen of Sheba, routinely seize foreigners and use them as bargaining chips to bring about the release of imprisoned tribe members and to extort money from their government.

Like the other residents of Yemen, the Yamaneyatains are followers of Sunni Islam. There are no known believers among this lawless people group. When they aren’t abducting tourists, the Yamaneyatains spend their time settling inter-tribal feuds and chewing qat, a stimulant drug.

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Ask the Lord to invite the Yamaneyatains to be His “guests,” not in forced detention, but in a loving relationship that promises eternal life. Pray for the giver of all good gifts to set them free from their bondage to Islam and drugs so that they may enjoy the blessings of His fellowship. Pray that the Yamaneyatain Bedouins will soon find freedom in God’s Word.-CL

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