Daily Topic for December 12, 2007

Ps. 33:13-15
"From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind. He watches all who live on earth-He who forms the hearts of all"

Does this sound like a God who does not care? Does He, who sends us out to give His good news to every people group on earth, not love each one? To ask that is to answer it! More than that: He promises to empower us to do the task, to work with us in it, and to thoroughly equip us! He prepares us for opposition, for hard battles, but assures us of victory! He Himself is the Vanguard and Rearguard of His army of witnesses. Best of all, He who in His grace and mercy “forms the hearts of all” turns those hearts to Himself as they receive His Word. The One who says all these things also says, “Pray, and I will do it!” (John 5:14, 15).


Mahra Speaking People of Oman and Yemen

Can frankincense come full circle? The trackless desert where Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Oman meet holds one of the best sources of this fragrance of the kings. It also serves as homeland to Mahra speakers, a language foreign to Arabs. As nomads, their people hold a lower level in society. Even their camels subsisted-until recently-on the morning dew.

Flat desert stretches meet distant rugged hills. Most of the territory can be crossed only on sandy trails, if that.

But change comes. Paved roads increase. Wells provide water for camels and people. Outsiders have begun to enter. Al-Ghayda, formerly a sleepy village, became the regional capital. Sitting near the Arabian Sea, visitors transit to seaside activities. The outside world is slowly introducing itself.

We don’t know where the Wise Man’s frankincense came from-perhaps from that part of the world. Now the time has come for the message of the King who was born in Bethlehem to return. God’s message can follow the newly improved roads to the Mahra speakers.

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Pray that linguists will gain access as tentmakers to create a written version of the Mahra language and bring the fragrance of the gospel. Pray that Christ will reveal himself to the leaders of the Shihuh tribe.-EF

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