Daily Topic for December 11, 2007

Ps. 33:8
"Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the people of the world revere Him"

The Lord wept at Lazarus’ tomb (John 11:35). He wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41). He suffered distress of spirit over men’s hardness of heart (Mark 3:5). Do you think He is grieved today because “all the earth” does not fear Him, that “all the people of the world” do not yet revere Him? He bore sin’s penalty-death-for each one! But millions do not know this. How that must grieve Him! Does it grieve us as well?

Dear Lord, make us more sensitive to Your yearning for the unreached. Help us to respond to Your command to go and tell them the good news of Your salvation. How we long for them to know and love You!

-Kumzari Speaking Shihuh People of Oman

Rising ultimately to more than a mile in elevation (2050m), the cliffs of the Musanam Peninsula form a natural barrier. But the base of these rocks falls into the Strait of Hormuz, a short boat-ride from Iran. 

In this region, Shihuh tribesmen speak Kumzari, the only Iranian-based language in Arabia. Its speakers have laced Farsi with Arabic terms to make it their own dialect. There is no Bible in this tongue, but the younger generation learns Arabic, a mega language with a complete Bible translation. Still 10,000 Kumzari speakers survive. As the language disappears, there remains nothing written in their language.

The cliffs of the peninsula have traditionally added to the linguistic and social barriers to the gospel. Now outsiders access the region. Steel-hulled speedboats compete with ancient dhows across the short space to Iran. Giant oil ships inch through the narrow passage. And tourists have started to discover the breathtaking region. Will the introduction of Western civilization introduce the pride of materialism, or the humility of Christ?

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Pray that linguists will enter as tentmakers to create a written version of Kumzari and bring at least portions of the Bible before it is too late. Pray that Christ will reveal himself to Shihuh leaders.-EF

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