Daily Topic for December 05, 2007

Esther 4:14
"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place"

Esther’s marriage to the king of Persia was God’s way of preserving His people. What would have happened if Esther had taken the easy road and not risked her life on behalf of her people? Mordecai’s answer makes it clear: God will bring about His purposes, whether or not you will allow Him to use you! So it is today: God is working out His purposes throughout the nations, raising up and deposing rulers, exalting the humble and humbling the proud, and ensuring a witness for Himself among all peoples. And He wants to use courageous and faithful Christians to accomplish His will.

Pray today that the Lord will increase your vision and faith so you can better understand how He wants to use you for His global purposes.

Breakthroughs Among Orthodox Jewish People in Israel

“There was a combination of factors that led me to embracing Christianity after living as an Orthodox Jew in Israel for almost 18 years. First was a personal dissatisfaction and discouragement with my own sin nature. Second was my discouragement over Israel’s increased problems with poverty, crime, drugs, and violence.” Benjamin, an Israeli Jew was talking to an American pastor in Jerusalem. “The reading of the Old Testament Scriptures gave me a background of understanding atonement and a knowledge of the Messiah. These factors helped me to see Jesus as the sacrificial atonement for my sins and divine intercessor, and this gave me peace. I belong to one of several Messianic fellowships in Jerusalem and God is opening many doors for me and others like myself to witness to other Jews, especially those who have seriously studied the Old Testament.”

There are growing numbers of Orthodox Jews in Israel who are accepting Jesus as the Messiah, being baptized and joining Messianic (Christ-oriented) congregations. These Jewish people have seriously studied the Old Testament. When they are open to reading the New Testament, they usually read carefully and prayerfully asking for God’s guidance. When they accept Jesus as the Messiah they receive Him with joy and thanksgiving.

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Praise God that Orthodox Jews are reading His Word and embracing the Messiah. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reach out to thousands of Orthodox Jews this coming year.-PD

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