Daily Topic for November 28, 2007

1 Kings 10:23-24
"All the earth was seeking the presence of Solomon, to hear his wisdom which God had put in his heart."

God uses various ways to reveal Himself to a people. International students voluntarily come to where they can hear. Refugees involuntarily come to places where they can hear. Christian soldiers may be involuntarily sent to unevangelized locations. And some people voluntarily go into all the world as missionaries. The Queen of Sheba voluntarily came to Israel, where she could hear of Yahweh, because she “heard about the fame of Solomon concerning the Name of the Lord.” She was so impressed that she praised God, “Blessed be the Lord your God who delighted in you to set you on the throne of Israel.”

Father, when people come to our country, our church, or our home, let our lives give such praise to You that they, too, will want to know You.

Turkmen People of Turkmenistan

Since 2001 a village in Turkmenistan has had solar power. A United Nations project has allowed the villagers to exchange sheep for solar panels. The sheep used to buy the solar panels are placed in a communal herd that is managed by an elected shepherd. The wool and milk from the communal herd are used to buy improvements for the village. Many villagers now have radios and some even own televisions. 

But the Turkmen still lack the message of salvation. Although their lives are now powered by the light of the sun, they know nothing about the light that comes from the Son of God. There are 3,850,000 Turkmen living in Turkmenistan and about 400 of them follow Jesus. Religious discrimination has been a problem during much of the country’s history. Between 1917-91, Turkmenistan was ruled by the Soviet Union and all religions were weakened. Since independence, Islam has been the national religion.

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Ask God to provide the Turkmen with a complete Bible. So far only the New Testament has been translated. Pray that they will soon have gospel recordings and radio broadcasts to which they can listen in the privacy of their own homes. Pray that God will raise up new leadership for Turkmenistan that will welcome Christian community development workers.-WK

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