Daily Topic for November 27, 2007

2 Sam. 7:29
"Now be pleased to bless the house of Your servant that it may continue forever in Your sight; for You, O sovereign Lord, have spoken."

David proposed to build a house (a sanctuary) for God. God responded by promising to build a house (a lineage) for David, and David replied with an astonished “Amen!” Parents who love the Lord want their descendants to love the Lord and to serve Him. And yet, as the Abrahamic covenant (Genesis 12:2-3) reveals, God blesses us because He expects through us to bless the world. He loves us, but He also loves the world’s peoples as well. What kind of father gives all his attention to only one of his many children? And what kind of father would allow the older, blessed son to callously ignore the cries of his other, hurting son?

O Lord, help us to be faithful to take it to those peoples who still have little or no opportunity to respond to Your offer of forgiveness and hope.

-Kazakh People of Kazakhstan

Kazakhs make up only 40 percent of Kazakhstan’s population. During the 18th century Russia steadily annexed all of Kazakhstan, causing many to flee to China and Mongolia. A large percentage of Kazakhs still live abroad. Traditionally, this was a people group of nomadic shepherds, but under Soviet rule their land was seized. Water was diverted and used to boost the government’s plan for cotton production. The Aral Sea-so vital for the area, dried up to one quarter of its size. With it the thriving fishing villages dried up, and the land reverted back to desert.

Today, however, there is a move through community development to take back their land for production. The Kazakhs have built a dam that allows main rivers to feed the northern Aral Sea. Life now has become more settled for the Kazakhs. 

Kazakhs typically blend Animism and ancestor worship with Islam. The Kazakh Church, however, is growing, especially among the younger generation. There is a Bible and a JESUS Film in Kazakh.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that through these and other resources lives will be transformed for Christ, and that a strong Church will spread to Kazakh communities wherever they may be. Pray for many believers to come alongside the Kazakhs to help them to develop their physical and spiritual resources.-MH

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