Daily Topic for November 24, 2007

1 Sam.28:16, 18
"Samuel said, 'Why do you consult me, now that the Lord has turned away from you and become your enemy? .... Because you did not obey the Lord...the Lord has done this to you today.'"

Saul was so desperate for advice that he bade a spirit medium call up Samuel from the dead. But Samuel reminded Saul that it was his own disobedience, not lack of advice, that had caused God to reject him. Remember that Saul’s catastrophic disobedience had seemed to him to be merely incomplete obedience. God has also given us certain commands, and Christ’s last command was the Great Commission. Many Christian leaders today are reaffirming the scriptural truth that unless we who are spiritually and materially blessed are more completely obedient in reaching the unreached peoples, God may take His hand of blessing from us, just as He did from Saul.

Forgive us, Lord, and give us joy as we learn to obey Your commands completely.

Khunsari People of Iran

The 72 million residents of Iran are made up of l00 distinct ethnic groups. This mosaic of culture and language is the result of a long succession of conquests. Beginning with the arrival of the Seljuk Turks in the mid-11th century, the region saw 400 years of intense conflict.

It was out of this violent struggle for control that the Khunsari people emerged. No one is certain exactly where they came from. The hardy herdsmen somehow managed to eke out an existence in the harsh Iranian terrain, much of which consists of uninhabitable salt deserts.

With a population of only 22,000, the Khunsari people are often overlooked. Like many of their neighbors, they are entirely Muslim. Researchers list them as 0.0 percent Christian. They do not have a Bible in their heart language, and are not currently the focus of any mission agency.

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Ask God to send workers to this seemingly forgotten harvest field. Pray for His Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of the Khunsaris, wooing them with His love and drawing them into the salvation of His Son. Pray for resources to be made available in the Khunsari language and for God’s Kingdom to be established in the midst of this mysterious people group.-CL

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