Daily Topic for November 23, 2007

1 Sam. 25:28
"The Lord will surely reward you, for you are fighting His battles."

All too often the battles we fight are of our own making. David was fighting the Lord’s battles and thus could be assured of God’s blessings. What are the Lord’s battles today? They are battles against sin and ungodliness in our society and our churches. They are battles against a foe sometimes disguised as an angel of light. And these battles include efforts to bring under Christ’s Lordship some from every people, tribe and tongue. God will bless those involved in these battles, because they are His battles.

Dear Father, some of Your servants, trying to reach the unreached peoples, are very discouraged today. Remind them that the battle is Yours, not theirs. Give them great joy and power, we pray.

Bakhtiari People of Iran

Collectors consider them among the finest in the world; carpets that incorporate wonderfully meticulous designs of stylized flowers, trees and elaborate Eden-like garden scenes. The weavers of these incredible creations are members of the Bakhtiari, an unreached, nomadic people group in Iran.

While the Bakhtiaris are exceptionally talented artisans, they do not enjoy a relationship with the Master Artist responsible for crafting the universe. The l,050,000 Bakhtiaris are nearly entirely Shi’ite Muslim, and as such, they reject Jesus as their only link to the Creator.

According to Iranian mythology, the Bakhtiari people are descendants of Fereydun, a heroic Persian king who came to represent victory, justice, and generosity. A number of politicians and dignitaries in Iran have arisen from this people group. Yet most Bakhtiaris live in temporary tent-like structures of black goat hair. They migrate between summer and winter homes, fording rivers and crossing snowy expanses with thousands of animals and other possessions in tow.

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Ask Christ to capture the hearts and minds of this mobile population and show them that He is their real-life hero, the only source of true victory, lasting justice, and the beauty that they portray in their amazing rugs. Pray that soon they will express their devotion to Christ through their talents.-CL

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