Daily Topic for November 21, 2007

1 Sam. 20:23
"May the Lord make us keep our promises to each other, for He has witnessed them."

Those at home never know just how much the missionaries overseas truly rely on their promises to pray. Even when they are sent out to work with a national church, missionaries still have problems of loneliness and culture shock. But when they go to an unreached people, they enter into situations where they are invading Satan’s previously unchallenged territory. He will attack them in many ways beyond the expected culture shock. If those at home who promised to pray for them do not keep their promise, some of these missionaries may experience severe defeat in their personal lives or public ministries. But earnest, continual prayer can make the difference.

Dear Lord, help us who stay to recognize how vital we are in the battle for the unreached. Teach us to pray!

Shi’ite Muslim Persians in Iran

At a busy intersection north of Tehran, Atefeh presses her face against the outside of the car’s rolled up window. Just 12-years-old, she sells chewing gum to drivers who stop at red lights. On a good day, she can make up to 55 cents.

In the past, poor children and orphans were cared for through government aid, strong family connections, and a long Islamic tradition of charity to the poor. Not so today. “Street children” are a common sight in Iran. Unofficial estimates place the number of street kids at over 200,000. About 16 million Iranians live in poverty.

Programs established by UNICEF target the poorest areas and provide education, instruction in sanitation, nutrition, AIDS prevention, vocational training, etc. Other programs provide small business loans. One women’s cooperative aims to plant two hectares (about five acres) of land in rose bushes to produce rose water for sale to perfume makers. Another cooperative hygienically packs almonds and walnuts for sale in bulk. The programs help Iranians provide for their own needs, rather than just providing perishable items such as food and clothing.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for believers to set up similar programs to bring children off the streets and to live Christ-like lives before the eyes of Iranian children.-JWS

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