Daily Topic for November 17, 2007

1 Sam. 15:14
"What then is this bleating of the sheep in my ears?"

Have you ever tried to justify a sin by citing “spiritual” reasons? That was Saul’s tactic. He had been commanded to kill all the Amalekites and all their flocks, but in disobedience Saul saved a few of the best of each. When questioned by Samuel, he insisted that he had disobeyed with the best of motives-“to sacrifice to the Lord.” How do we today often seek to evade the clarity of the Great Commission? By citing family obligations? personal ambitions? the absence of a “call”?

Dear Lord, You have been so good to us. Forgive our rationalizations for not obeying You fully, and lead us into service to unreached peoples.

Sunni Muslim Pushtuns of Afghanistan

What is the largest Islamic tribal group on the globe? If you guessed the Pushtuns, you are right. They number some 27 million in 30 sub-tribes. Among them are President Karzai of Afghanistan, and many Taliban fanatics who give the Pushtuns a bad reputation.

Pushtuns are the largest ethnic group of Afghanistan, comprising 40-50 percent of their population. They are governed by their own tribal code of honor rather than by Sharia, Muslim law. They speak a Medo-Persian language. Many also speak Farsi and Dari, also known as

Afghan Persian. 

Those from rural areas usually live in tents or adobe buildings and raise sheep in an underdeveloped land lacking safe drinking water, sanitation, and health care. Some engage is raising opium poppies as a cash crop. Pushtun women suffer from illiteracy. Life expectancy is only 46 years. Radio, NGOs, missionaries, and foreign troops give some Pushtuns contact with the outside world, not all of it positive.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that current events will open the Pushtuns to the message of Jesus. Pray for Bible translation into Afghan Pashto to complement the New Testament in Pakistani Pashto. Pray for more believers to go to Afghanistan to serve the needs of the Pushtuns for education, water purification and other needs.-TP

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