Daily Topic for November 15, 2007

1 Sam. 14:7
"Do all that is in your heart.... Here I am with you according to your desire."

We often glamorize the role of a brave, daring leader like Jonathan, but we must not forget his faithful, committed armor bearer. It would have mattered little for Jonathan to bravely approach the enemy garrison if his weapons were not readily available. Today we need thousands of “armor bearers” to stand behind frontier pioneers. These may never leave their homeland. But they will faithfully supply the “weapons” needed on the front lines-intercessory prayer, financial support and personal encouragement.

Dear Lord, may we who stay be able to say to those who go, “Do all that is in your heart…. I am with you!”

Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (PFF) Work in Central Asia

In the Muslim Central Asian community everyone was wearing a red ribbon indicating, “I know about AIDS…and I will be your friend.” This commitment to be educated about AIDS and to be tested is the result of a presentation by an HIV/AIDS specialist in a local village. A major problem in many Central Asian countries is that the men go off to Russia in search of jobs and money for their families, but often run into trouble and return discouraged with disease and debt. 

The Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (PFF) is making a difference. When the specialist invited the group to wear the ribbon, one brave woman raised her hand and said, “I’ll wear the ribbon and talk with those who ask me why I’m doing it.” A man raised his hand, and now all members of the village council wear the ribbon.

A PFF Peacemaking Team taught in another Muslim Central Asian village about Christians judging and forgiving one another. At the end of the meeting, one woman said she was going to work with her neighbor whose chickens came into her yard. Another woman said her son was about to marry and she wanted to be a different kind of mother-in-law than the one she had experienced. A young man asked forgiveness for his actions against another person in the group.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that these efforts will lead Muslims to heed the call of the Prince of Peace and Savior, Jesus Christ.-JS

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