Daily Topic for November 10, 2007

1 Sam. 10:22
"Behold, he is hiding himself by the baggage!"

What a place to receive God’s call-hiding in the baggage! God was adequate to equip Saul for his calling, but Saul could never know God’s adequacy until he was willing to be used. Many members of the Body of Christ today have been chosen and called for service to the nations of the earth. Yet gripped by fear or preoccupation with their own inadequacy, these messengers of life often hide in the baggage of other pursuits. How they, and we, need to be reminded that God’s power can accomplish what His wisdom demands.

Pray that God will direct His Church to identify and thrust forward in ministry those whom He has called as missionaries to unreached peoples.

Karakalpak People of Uzbekistan

Mishu gulped water from the new well. She filled her cup over and over as she couldn’t seem to get enough. The sea near her home was drying up and potable water was scarce. How thankful she was for this world organization that dug a well for her village. 

The United Nations and other organizations are bringing change for the Karakalpak (kara-black, and kalpak-hat) people of northwestern Uzbekistan. The UN is dispatching workers to the furthest corners of the region to meet the physical needs of the Karakalpak people.

But what is water if one’s soul dies? How will they know unless they hear, and how will they hear without a preacher? And when they hear, how will they believe unless someone has prayed to remove the immense barriers that block their hearts? How can anyone accept the beliefs of the minority in a region when it is an entrenched principle of one’s people that what the majority believes is always right?

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Thank God that nothing is impossible with Him! Pray that Muslim Karakalpaks will receive a revelation of Jesus Christ’s Sovereignty. Pray that their entrenched beliefs are cast down and that their hearts are opened to receive the spiritual water of Christ so that they will never thirst again.-PE

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