Daily Topic for November 08, 2007

1 Sam. 8:5
"Now appoint a king for us to judge us like all the nations."

As a people, Israel neglected her responsibility to bless all the families of the earth with the knowledge of the one, true King. God had planned for this nation to be gloriously different, but Israel chose instead the mediocrity of similarity. Though Samuel grieved at the request for a king, God consented, and Israel soon became like the other nations in character as well as in possession of an earthly king. When we today disobey or neglect the clear commands of Scripture, including the command to disciple all nations, we scorn our calling as children of the King. When we obey, heaven rejoices!

Father, we want to be obedient to Your call so that we might experience Your life and power and so that the nations will receive knowledge of the Savior.


“They should call this country Punjabistan instead of Pakistan,” Mahmood growled. His bitterness comes from what he sees as Punjab grabbing what belongs to Sindh Province-specifically the water of the Indus River. Years ago the first dam blocked the flow of that mighty waterway. Mahmood’s family had owned rich farmland in the Indus Delta. But with the shrinking source of water, his inheritance became nearly useless. The loss of fresh water destroys the mangrove swamps crucial to so many traditional industries. Now Mahmood and many Sindhis face a bleak future. The government wants to build another dam. But mistrust throughout the country creates opposition. Meanwhile, the dam keeps holding back more of the much-needed fresh water.

Centuries ago, another dam came to this region. That dam has blocked the flow of the water of the Holy Spirit. Like the mistrust toward Islamabad’s plans, mistrust toward the West hampers opportunities to share the grace of God. Now, as the Sindh Province adjusts to new realities, tentmakers have opportunities to assist in that transition. They can aid Sindhis in learning new skills necessary for the new economy.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit gains access to seeking hearts. Pray that the Lord Jesus will reveal himself to leading Sindhis.-EF

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