Daily Topic for November 04, 2007

1 Sam. 3:1
"Word from the Lord was rare in those days, visions were infrequent."

How dark and cold those days must have been. After the spiritual callousness characteristic of the period of the judges, a faithful minority in Israel must have experienced a great longing to hear God’s voice and to have a prophet among them once more. We today have every opportunity to know God intimately. We not only have the written Word but can also know the Living Word, the Son of God. Yet among 10,000 people groups around the world, word from the Lord is not just “rare,” but also dim, distorted or absent.

Father, bring the day when “the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.” Use us, we pray.

-Hindko People of Pakistan

“I have something for you,” said the foreigner to the villager. The villager accepted the book from the foreigner’s hand, expecting it to be in Pashto or Urdu, two of the local trade languages in Pakistan. Instead, it was in his own language, Hindko. His eyes opened wide. In the mountains of northwest Pakistan, books in the Hindko language are rare. This particular book given to the local man was the New Testament in Hindko.

Hindko is a dying language that is losing speakers to neighboring languages such as Pashto. Foreign words are rapidly invading the language. Nowadays few books are written in Hindko. Almost all members of this people group are Muslims. There are only two churches reaching out to the world’s 4,000,000 Hindko speakers, most of whom live in Pakistan.

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Pray that they will soon have their own radio broadcast. Pray that gospel recordings will be distributed and heard far and wide in Hindko lands. Ask God to protect those taking the gospel to this people group. The Hindkos live near the border of Afghanistan, where attacks are frequent. So pray for God’s protection for this vulnerable people. Only 35 percent of the Hindkos are literate. Pray that God would lead Christian teachers to open schools among the Hindkos.-WK

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