Daily Topic for November 03, 2007

1 Sam. 2:8,10
"For all the earth is the Lord's and He has set the world in order.... He judges throughout the earth..."

Hannah’s song was her celebration of God’s answer to her prayer. She acknowledged that God humbles the proud and exalts the humble, often reversing the fortunes of men and women in demonstration of His sovereignty. She affirmed that God cares for the “little people” of the earth who are often scorned by the mighty. And Hannah rejoiced that the scope of God’s power and care is nothing less than the ends of the earth.

Savior, we praise You for Your tender concern for bypassed peoples. Make Your love our own.

Kamviri People of Afghanistan

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Zia was arrested on false charges and put in a political prison of Kabul, where tens of thousands were executed. In prison the communists gave Zia shock treatments to try to brainwash him. The electric burns were so bad that they left scars on his head, yet he did not give in. The communists freed him in 1985.

Following his release from prison, Zia felt God was calling him to leave Afghanistan to go as a missionary to Pakistan. After Zia arrived in Pakistan, he was offered an opportunity to travel to the U.S. to study Hebrew because he was working on a translation of the Old Testament into his Dari language. He declined, saying he had so much to do among the Afghan refugees that he could not leave. He started an institute for the blind for them.

In 1988, Zia was kidnapped by a fanatical Muslim group, Hisbe Islami (the Party of Islam). They beat him for hours with rods. Before he was kidnapped, Zia had told a friend that if this party ever captured him they would kill him. An Afghan news reporter claims to have evidence that Hisbe Islami did murder Zia in a cruel way.

Jesus prophesied, “A time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering service to God (John 16:2). 

(From “More Desirable than Gold,” by J. Christy Wilson)

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Pray that God will give boldness and love, even to the point of dying, to those who minister Christ in Central Asia today.

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