Daily Topic for November 01, 2007

1 Sam 1:12,13
"Now it came about, as she continued praying before the Lord...Eli thought she was drunk."

Hannah was so intent on asking God for a son that her earnest petition at the temple of the Lord was mistaken as drunkenness. When was the last occasion that we so earnestly poured out our hearts before the Lord that others thought we were less than sane, sober and self-controlled? The living God invites us to not only bring our personal needs before Him, but also calls us to passionately intercede for those outside the sphere of our immediate concern.

Oh Lord, impress us so deeply with Your heart for the world that we are moved to pray with great earnestness and perseverance.

Muslim Afshari People of Afghanistan

At age 14, Zia already had memorized the entire Arabic Koran, even though he was blind. In Western terms that would be like an English speaker memorizing the complete New Testament in Greek! In 1964, he enrolled in the NOOR Institute for the blind in Kabul, Afghanistan. He completed the six primary grades of the Institute in only three years.

While attending classes, this brilliant youth also mastered English. He did this by listening and repeating what he heard on radio programs coming into Afghanistan from other countries. He eventually started asking questions about what he had heard, such as, “What do you mean by the substitutionary atonement?” He had heard such theological concepts during Christian radio broadcasts like Voice of the Gospel coming to Afghanistan from Ethiopia, East Africa.

Finally, he shared with a few people that he had received Jesus as his lord and savior. People would ask, “Do you realize you could be killed for this, since the Islamic Law of Apostasy for anyone leaving Islam is death?” He always answered, “I have counted the cost and am willing to die for the Messiah, since He has already died on the cross for me.”-CW (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will give spiritually-minded Afghan Muslims the courage and boldness to enter into an eternal relationship with the Savior.

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