Daily Topic for October 28, 2007

Ruth 3:12-13
"There is a kinsman-redeemer nearer than I.... If he wants to redeem, good...if he is not willing I will do it"

This statement by the kinsman-redeemer, Boaz, was especially significant because Ruth was not Jewish. It was difficult for Israel to understand how God could love any other nation, but through the example of Boaz and his willingness to redeem Ruth, God demonstrated His great love for Gentiles. How extraordinary it is, even today, for the average Christian to be willing to reach across cultural barriers and lovingly make Christ known. We revel in our blessings, yet too rarely share them with people different from ourselves.

Lord, help us to unselfishly reach out in love to all peoples of the world.

Faqirs of South Asia

“Hello, Poverty. How are you today?”

How would you like your name to be poverty? How would you like to be known as “having too little?” That’s what the Faqirs of South Asia face each day. The word faqir comes from the Arabic word for poverty. It is an appropriate title for a physically and spiritually impoverished people.

As members of the Sufi order of Islam, the Faqirs have long mixed folk religions with Muslim beliefs. Those who live in India have also blended Hindu practices with their folk-Islamic beliefs. They developed a reputation as ascetics - walking barefoot on coals, sleeping on beds of nails, and levitating… Many feared them for their ability to invoke curses. Today, however, the Faqirs are looked down upon by their countrymen. Their name has become a derogatory term synonymous with worthlessness.

The Faqirs continue to face extreme need, especially with regard to the gospel. The “poverty” implied in their name originally referred to a hunger for relationship with God. That hunger remains unsatisfied. There are currently no known believers among the Faqirs.

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Pray that the Faqirs will realize their need and respond to God’s provision. Ask God to change their name from “poverty” to “abundance” as they receive the free gift of His Son.-CL

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