Daily Topic for October 27, 2007

Ruth 2:20
"That man (Boaz) is our close relative; he is one of our kinsman-redeemers"

The custom of the kinsman-redeemer is another beautiful picture of the Lord Jesus’ love and redemption for His people. The kinsman-redeemer in Israel was a close relative who rescued a widow from financial ruin and brought her into his home as his bride to keep her from selling or losing to creditors the family estate and inheritance. The Lord Jesus Christ became our Kinsman-Redeemer, one not ashamed to call us brothers, that He might give His own life to rescue us from the ruin of sin.

Pray for the thousands of peoples who do not yet know the One who came to redeem them.

Muslim Shaikh People

The word Shaikh means “elder” or “venerable old man.” There is a people group named Shaikh, but that word can also apply to a community, family, or individual. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a known terrorist, seems to have added Shaikh to his name. Muslim men sometimes place Shaikh before their names to signify their wisdom, so it is difficult to identify those who actually belong to the Shaikh people group. They also intermarry with other Muslim groups, which makes their identity even more complex.

The estimated number of Shaikh people is about 132,000,000, according to India Missions Association’s “Unreached Mega Peoples of India.” Shaikh people live in various South Asian countries and work at diverse occupations. Some have converted from Hinduism and maintain Hindu practices. 

God knows and loves each one. He desires to adopt them into His family, although at this time no known Shaikhs have trusted Jesus Christ as Savior. May the Shaikh people learn about Jesus and His grace.

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Pray that Shaikh people will see their need for God’s wisdom as found in the Bible. Ask God to peel the blinders from their eyes, so that they can see God’s truth. May He protect their children from education that teaches them hatred of Christians. Pray that God’s love will show through His people and will win the Shaikhs to love Him.-AK

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