Daily Topic for October 25, 2007

Ruth 1:3-4
"Now Elimelech, Naomi's husband, died, and she was left with her two sons. They married Moabite women, one named Orpah and the other Ruth"

Out of one of the most discouraging scenes in history, God was planning a glorious finale. Ruth, a foreigner who grew up worshiping idols, through the witness of her grieving mother-in-law was to become an ancestor of our Lord. We may look at unreached peoples today and wonder how God can ever bring repentance and redemption. Yet He sees what they will be like when they come to Him in confession of their need.

Lord, enlarge our hearts to love like Yours. May some from every people come to know You as Lord, we pray.

-Muslim Chhaparbandh People

The Chhaparbandh people have a custom unique among Muslims. For the first five years of a boy’s life, he is dressed only in a shirt, with no covering for his legs. When the boy turns five, he is taken to the Mausoleum of Mir Kamal-u’d-din Saheb where they pass out sweets and flowers to the family and friends. They take an offering, and then the child is ceremoniously given his new garment.

Because of their close-knit ways, and their unwillingness to marry outsiders, the Chhaparbandhs have been able to maintain their ethnic identity even though they live in a modern city. About 50 or so households of Chhaparbandh people live in the industrialized city of Ahmadabad in Gujarati, India.

“Chhaparbandh” means “constructor of roofs.” Traditionally the people made rope and roofing thatch from Indian willow plants. When tile roofs replaced thatched roofs, these people lost a lucrative source of income. Rope-making is now relegated to women and old men. Most adult men now hold menial jobs in mills or elsewhere in the city, so poverty is part of their daily lives.

The Chhaparbandh people are Muslim, and they live in Gujarat, a state with very few Christians. They have few if any chances to hear the gospel.

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Pray the Chhaparbandh people will exchange their present garments for the robes of righteousness that Jesus Christ offers to all believers. Pray that God will make a way for them to hear of the only savior.-JWS

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