Daily Topic for October 21, 2007

Jud. 7:15
"When Gideon heard the dream and its interpretation, he worshiped God"

Gideon could hardly believe that God would use him to deliver Israel from Midianite aggression. He certainly didn’t feel like a “mighty warrior” (6:12), even after God had confirmed His promise by signs and “fleeces.” When God invited Gideon and his servant to eavesdrop on a Midianite conversation, Gideon quickly accepted, and the encouragement he received was what he needed to make the decisive attack. Like Gideon, we may be afraid that the job God has given us is too large. To take the gospel to about 10,000 people groups who still haven’t heard is a tremendous job. But God is preparing receptive hearts, and He often encourages us by giving us glimpses of His activity among the nations.

Dear Lord, use this prayer guide to lead us to obedience to Your commands and praise of Your goodness.

Hajam People of Gujarat, India

“It has been quite a while since you have not said anything.” The talkative barber almost dropped his scissors when his customer made this icy statement in the middle of one of his usual monologues. The other customers stifled laughs. Re-gaining his composure, the barber began yet another monologue. “I can’t help but talk a lot, I’m a Hajam. My people are noted for our sharp wit and our many words. And now for a word from Pakistan’s Prime Minister Musharraf about talking too much.” He then began an imitation of Musharraf, and the customers began to laugh openly.

The Hajam people of Gujarat have been a service community for many centuries. Some are barbers and others are masseuses. They speak fluent Gujarati, the language of Gujarat, but many also speak Urdu, a language spoken by most of northern India’s Muslims.

Because of their Muslim heritage, almost none of the Hajam people have embraced Jesus as Lord.

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Pray for an outpouring of revelation to these industrious people. Pray that the Lord will visit Hajam spiritual leaders and heads of households with the truth of the gospel. May the Lord make himself known in their dreams and show them that Jesus is the one they are seeking.-KC/JW

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