Daily Topic for October 19, 2007

Jud. 6:15
"'But Lord,' Gideon asked, 'How can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family'"

Today we might say that Gideon had a problem with his self-image. His argument sounds familiar: “I can’t serve the Lord because I’m a nobody!” The Bible and 2000 years of church history remind us that God is in the business of taking nobodies and getting His work done through them. He often chooses the unlikely person because God’s power is made perfect in weakness. Do you feel that the task of evangelizing across cultural barriers is too hard? Are you convinced that God could never use you to penetrate a frontier? He can-and He will if you are simply available. The greatest ability is availability.

Lord, help us to see ourselves and the world through Your eyes. We believe that You want to do great things through us as we trust and obey You.

Meo People of India

Women among the Meo people seldom have any inheritance in their father’s property. The girls marry early, many before they are 15. When they marry, the couple lives with the husband’s family, as extended families are considered the ideal. If she gives birth to a son, everyone celebrates and rejoices. Daughters are valued as well, but mostly for the labor they contribute.

Though they are Muslims, the caste system has a way of affecting other religious communities as well as Hindus. Like their Hindu neighbors, the Meos are compelled to marry only within their own caste. They are Muslim in name only, as Hindu rituals, festivals and deities dominate their lifestyle. 

The Meos live primarily in north-central India, but others live in Myanmar and Pakistan. In earlier days they were cattle raiders, and proud of their prowess, but today they work mainly in agriculture.

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Pray for God to burden prayer warriors for the spiritual needs of all the Meo people. Pray that many will be open to receive the gospel as Christian workers, medical workers, and other missionary personnel share the gospel through films, videos, cassettes, and radio ministries. Pray for courage for new believers, that false spiritual strongholds will be broken down, and a vital Meo church will soon be born.-MH

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