Daily Topic for October 14, 2007

Josh. 20:2-3
"Tell the Israelites to designate cities of refuge...so that anyone...may flee there and find protection from the avenger of blood"

God provided cities of refuge for the Israelite who killed someone accidentally. The New Testament compares these cities to the Lord Jesus, “to Whom we may flee for refuge.” There we can find forgiveness and healing for our sin. But what about those who have never heard, who seek night and day to find forgiveness of sin and peace of heart? We must hurry and tell them the good news about their wonderful refuge from sin and guilt.

Dear Lord, help us to see lost men as You do. Help us to quickly share the news of forgiveness among the nations of the earth.

Deccani Muslims

To the Deccani Muslims, India’s independence 60 years ago is nothing to celebrate. Before that time, they were a prosperous people, who had their own princedom for 600 years. Even during the time of British control, the Deccani Muslims kept their palaces and most of their political control, even as a religious minority.

When India became an independent, sovereign nation in 1947, their Deccani homeland was incorporated into the new, Hindu-dominated nation. Muslims fled India to join other Muslims in Pakistan. The power and wealth of the Deccani Muslims was gone with the winds of change.

Though they have kept their dialect of Urdu, Dhakkani, most of them now need to learn the languages that dominate their region: Kannada, Telegu and Marathi. Today, most of the Deccani Muslims are blacksmiths, farm laborers or small shop keepers. They are not enjoying the wealth that comes from their mineral-rich homeland. There are a few Christians among this Muslim community, and the Southern Baptists have a special burden to pray for them.

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Join them in praying for God to even give Deccani Muslims dreams and visions that will lead them to the cross. Pray for a readable Bible translation in Dhakkani. Pray for a strong indigenous fellowship among them.-KC

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